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director, writer, producer, magician



"it's a different approach, not exactly your fathers version of Houdini...more for today's hip young internet generation, told thru a first person account, each episode is under 2 minutes....I first plotted out, a 12 episode story arch, ending in disastrous results. ....I'm a big fan of twisted-tales genre, which is sort of like a magic illusion, you don't see it coming, until it's too late." 



Director: Adam Steinfeld


Adam Steinfeld, based in South Florida, studied to be a filmmaker, at the University of Miami, directing, writing, and creating, mini-versions of the Tonight Show and his final senior thesis short film, "the Box", on Houdini, he went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree, in Communications (Cinema & Television), all while performing as a skilled street-style magician, that put himself through college.

Soon after graduation, Steinfeld's travels focused on his magic skills, presenting at; comedy clubs, and mega cruise-ships around the world, to performing & producing in one of the longest running permanent magic shows, to a record over 2,400 shows, Magic Live!®...comedy on the beach, at two mega island casino resorts, in Aruba, that ran over ten years at one location from 2001 to 2013, Magic Live!® starring Adam Steinfeld show was named Best International Magic show by Premious Magica in Buenos Aires.

No doubt, magicians, played, an early key role, in the development of feature films, from Georges Méliès , to Harry Houdini , to Orson Welles, and that's one of the reasons, Mr. Steinfeld believes, in the expansion of the Art form of magic, mixed with, television, and film, now many years later, Adam, is very much involved in shooting, writing & editing his own self-produced projects.

On Aruba Island, "I shot many many shorts, said Steinfeld, working with my long time magic assistants, in my magic show, that doubled as star actors, and crew and each time, I increased my directing and editing skills."

My short experimental film, 'Houdini, talks Houdini' recently screened at the 16th annual Coney Island film festival, and upcoming short deli-documentary; 'Hold the Schmaltz: the final hours of RASCAL HOUSE', premiered in 2017, at the 31st Annual Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival and many more. And Yo Houdini web series nominated for; Best Web Series and Editing by the 2018 Independent Horror Awards.

"You have to remember, I studied to be a filmmaker years ago, but this new digital film technology, has allowed me to experiment with various stories, on an ultra low, no budget projects, such as; Ask Madame Wonder?, Creezy, where are you?, comedy spoof, Magic Schmuck: the 2nd Best Magician, in the world-wide World, Houdini Lives!, Magic Island, Yo Houdini, to a writing collaboration, of my novel, Houdini Lives! with award-winning Boston crime author, Al Blanchard, and other comedians, magicians and filmmakers."










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