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horror/supernatural elements, mixed with historical adventures. 





horror, supernatural elements, mixed with historical adventures.


logline: Houdini escapes death, from his so-called burial 90 years earlier, and seeks his revenge.


Yo Houdini, is a new on-line series by; filmmaker/magician, Adam Steinfeld, a first-person P.O.V. series, street-smart, in your face stories, with horror/supernatural elements, mixed with historical adventures, each episode is under 2 minutes.

 sort of; Houdini meets Night of Living Dead..."Oh my god, run!"


episode 1: IN THE BEGINNING 
story opens at, Houdini's brownstone house that sat in, New York City, near east Harlem, as a psychic using an Australian, didgeridoo, and an urban Rapper using his iPhone, attempt to summon Houdini's spirit ghost, with disastrous results.


episode 2: DEATH GRIP 
Houdini always said, he'll be back, but this time it's true? Filmed at, Houdini's real creepy abandon cemetery, Houdini seems to be alive and well, in 2015. Could it be?.....Set to a poem written, by Pulitzer-prize winning novelist, MacKinlay Kantor (1904 – 1977) early in his career, (age 22), published, in Chicago Daily Tribune Nov 2, 1926, two days, after Houdini's death, in 1926.


episode 3: I AM ALIVE! 
Houdini wakes up, or is it Houdini's zombie spirit? In an abandon house, his long career flashes before his eyes, right before he died, in this first person, zombie point-of-view.



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