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YO HOUDINI!, a new series by, Adam Steinfeld

a first-person P.O.V. series,
horror elements, mixed with historical adventures


quotes: "Crazy video! For some reason I like it. Houdini meets Night of the living dead."


Houdini POEM, written in 1926, (2 days after Houdini's death),
by Pulitzer Prize winning author, MacKinlay Kantor.
(used by permission, of Kantor estate)


directors note:
Houdini's mother, is an entity or ghost in the iPhone, speaks in her native language; Yiddish or German, she's saying; "wo bist du?", this translates: "Where are you?" She also calls Houdini, by his real first name, Eric.


a new series by: Adam Steinfeld

running time: each episode under 2min
genre: first-person, P.O.V. series / horror elements, mixed with historical adventures

series producer: Adam Steinfeld
writer/director/editor: Adam Steinfeld

Camera: GuyNamedLindsey
Houdini's Mom: Judith Claire
Music/Effects: Pond5
Voice Talent Rapper: Marc Van Ommen
Voice Talent Houdini: Zoltan Sipos
Houdini Consultant: John Cox

Special Thanks: Kino Lorber, Inc.
Houdini Death poem, written by: MacKinlay Kantor, used by permission.

"Yo Houdini" is a trademark, of; Adam Steinfeld
copyright, MMXIII, MMXV Adam Steinfeld

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